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Author Comments:


Hmmmmmm another one. The guy I contacted about a website hasn't gotten back to me yet, beyond asking if he could see pages other than the required sample. I don't blame him though, he's busy with other work that I'm aware of so he probably hasn't gotten the time to respond yet.

So yeah, you guys aren't missing anything in terms of the website. Just thought I'd let you know.

posted by Corny on 11 Nov 2010 09:02 am


posted by Advertisement on 27 Oct 2016 01:33 pm

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Reader Comments:


so how bout that?

posted by South (Guest) on 29 Dec 2010 03:46 am


man i miss this comic

posted by REALLYDEMONIC on 11 Feb 2011 05:39 pm


when is it going to return?

posted by Manga-Ka on 30 Mar 2011 07:49 am


Looks like it's been a while... guess it's not gonna happen? I've just read through the past chapters and quite liked it. Pity it seems like it's not gonna continue.

posted by Futon_Dancing on 12 Oct 2011 12:22 am


it's been 3 years now. guess it's not happening.

posted by grant (Guest) on 21 Jul 2013 08:17 am


I know right. Sheesh! When Jong gonna get off his ass and come back.

posted by Tone (Guest) on 19 Oct 2013 09:45 pm

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