» Comics - Chapter 2 Pg 2 - 07 Dec 2009 05:50 am

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I think Romeo's kind of gay, between you and me.

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Author Comments:


Alriiiiiiight on scheduuuule. Drawing that classroom was the worst thing ever. I am so glad that there's only like... two more pages with it.


posted by Corny on 06 Dec 2009 06:40 pm


posted by Advertisement on 22 Oct 2016 02:39 pm

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Reader Comments:


Romeo, Romeo, whyfor art thou, Romeo?

Poor Tammy, being a superhero is hard. XD

posted by Mamo on 07 Dec 2009 12:15 pm


Does Romeo have the hots for our main character? :3 I guess we'll find out

posted by Keenarnor (Guest) on 07 Dec 2009 03:14 pm


KING RADICAL! This comic is awesome.

posted by Nicoli Gonnella on 09 Feb 2010 05:46 pm

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